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Pressed Wild Flower SeriesPressed Wild Flower SeriesPressed Wild Flower Series

Nuni Ryder has lived in Dorset most of her life. She studied photography at the Arts Institute in Bournemouth.

In her final year she began to make images of the natural world using a high powered microscope.

This work opened up an intriguing world of unimagined detail, rich in texture and complex design.

Since then she has enjoyed capturing the undetected minutiae of life: whether it is an iridescent beetle or the delicate detail of a wild flower. This work marries her love of nature with her sense for style and colour.

Since leaving college and the microscope nuni has continued to work on a number of different projects, most notably child and family portraiture, fine art, erotica and her most recent digital Photoshop designs. She has exhibited her work locally on numerous occasions and has had much of her erotic work published, winning erotic photographer of the year in 2008.


You can contact Nuni Ryder by email.